My name is Hayley, and I am a self-proclaimed travel junkie. From weekend getaways to months-long trips, I am constantly planning my next adventure.

My approach to trip planning is unique and flexible – rarely will you find timetables or set-in-stone activities (unless, of course, it’s somewhere like Machu Picchu, and then you betcha that’s scheduled wayyyyyy in advance!). Otherwise, I like to have a mix of pre-planned activities with open time for spontaneity. In fact, some of my greatest memories have resulted from conversations with locals, not from hours-long research on the web.

Where does this passion come from?

Since I was young, my dad would plan detailed trips through various places in the United States and then Europe. He would physically check-out books from our local library (hello, pre-Internet!) and plan our entire trip – centrally-located accommodations, best days and times for specific tours, and he always provided a little history along the way. He was (and still is!) our family’s resident tour guide and history teacher. I guess you could say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Our first trip to Europe, though, changed everything for me. From the age of 14, I knew there was more to see in this world than my comfortable home town in the center of the United States. From that point on, I’ve had the travel bug. After a semester abroad in London with weekend trips across Europe and now 10 years of traveling under my belt, I’ve learned that I am my most true self – happy, content, and curious – when I’m traveling.

I come home from every trip inspired. Inspired to live more intentionally, inspired to take more time to myself, inspired to learn about new cultures, inspired to plan the next adventure, and inspired to start sharing my travels and skills with the world.

And so, The Inspired Trip was born.

This site, and my passion, is dedicated to my dad, Paul, for prioritizing travel since I was a child and insisting on that first trip to Europe (despite our less than enthusiastic reaction!) Thank you for lighting this fire, showing me the world from a young age, and instilling the importance of understanding the world around us.

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